What’s cooking mum? – Frozen Yogurt

This edition of What’s Cooking Mum? We are making homemade frozen yogurt.  This is such a quick recipe to make and did I mention that it’s guilt free and Oh so delicious! Get the little ones involved and making cooking fun! A great way to boost those mathematics skills by teaching measurement.

Keep cool and lose weight this Summer with these refreshing drinks!

Lemon infused water Lemons are high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. Drinking lemon infused water will eliminate toxins from your body by activating your body’s natural detox process which will increase your metabolism and your body’s ability to breakdown fat. Drinking warm lemon water is great for sluggish digestive systems and with ease bloating and…

Mommies, get an instant energy boost with these 5 daily snacks!

  These easy to make nutritional, energizing snacks keep unhealthy cravings away too! A handful of Energy trail mix Homemade Energy fruit & nut bars Energizing Smoothie (add 1 teaspoon of Blackthorn Berry Elixir for milk production and extra energy) Coconut water Handful of Fresh berries high in antioxidants ENJOY! x0x0x

Protein Power Pancakes

http://performher.com/protein-energy-pancakes-recipe-using-performher-meal-replacement/ Protein Energy Pancakes: Recipe using PerformHer Meal Replacement   By Carla Smith: PerformHer Fitness Expert Packed with enough energy to keep you going, this PerformHer Protein Energy Pancakes recipe is so quick and easy to make. Thanks to the combination of healthy ingredients, they are wonderfully guilt-free too! Perfect recipe for breakfast time, snack…