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Win a CHUX®SA Cleaning Hamper valued at R 250 .00!

Children learn through play and this why we have teamed up with CHUX® South Africa because play matters!

Who wants to worry about cleaning up after having so much messy play fun!  


This Awesome CHUX® SA Cleaning Hamper consists of the following:


CHUX® Original Superwipes 10pk

These super absorbent clothes are super versatile. Great for washing dishes, cleaning kitchen appliances, windows, and even be used around the bathroom, laundry and car. Don’t forget about cleaning up those messy juice and feeding time spills. These superwipes are specially designed as an open weave cloth. The special double action holes make picking up dirt and food particles super easy and allow the cloth to be rinsed hygienically.

Our favourite feature is that these clothes can be washed in the washing machine and come in a range of different colours which can be used for each area around your home.


CHUX® Heavy Duty Scourer Scrubs 3pk

These heavy duty scourers are tough on dirt and grime. With an added special foam layer making them easy to handle.. The unique angled shape is great for reaching deep into corners and hard to reach places. Our favourite feature is the easy hang feature allowing your heavy duty sponge to be stored easily by hanging it on to utility hooks in the kitchen. We also put these CHUX SA heavy duty scourers to the test! It was super easy to get off the paper mache that had hardened on our kitchen surfaces after our fun art activity.

CHUX SA 3 Heavy Duty Scourer Pads

CHUX® Heavy Duty Scourer Pads 3pk

These heavy duty scourer pads are super tough to get rid of tough kitchen cleaning jobs like scrubbing away baked dirt and grime off pots and pans. They come with an unique angled shape perfect for reaching deep into corners and hard to reach places.

Our favourite feature : These heavy duty scourer pads are super tough! Ever tried to get hard egg whites off  the bottom of a pot after making poached eggs? These scourer pads made it super easy!

CHUX Non-Scratch Scourer

CHUX® Non-Scratch Scourers 3pk

The perfect combination of gentle yet very effective these non-scratch scourer scrubs are ideal for use on non-stick surfaces or for multiple uses around the kitchen. With an easy to hang hole feature.

Our favourite feature: Finally an easy to handle super gentle scourer for non-stick pans! Yay!

CHUX Magic Eraser

CHUX® Magic Eraser® Hard Surface Cleaner 8pk

These “magic” erasers rubs out most marks including ink, crayon and grime! Say good bye to your kids art on your walls! YAAAS! The magic superfine fibres lift and trap dirt. These magic erasers can be used on most hard surfaces including walls, skirting boards, door handles, switch plates, keyboards, telephones, remote controls, kids’ toys, tea and coffee mugs. It can also be used to remove sticky residue left from some labels.

Our favourite feature: These magic erasers were super easy to get off my kid’s art work which was on our windows and walls without using any nasty chemicals or detergents. They worked like a bomb! Go check out this video I made putting these to the test!


CHUX SA Hamper Giveaway


 Stand a chance to win an amazing CHUX SA hamper valued at R 250.00! 

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