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Christmas Gift Guide – PRIMA TOYS

We are so excited to share these lovely Christmas gift ideas from PRIMA TOYS.

VTECH BABY Pull & Pop Airplane 6-36 months

This is the perfect gift for children age 6 – 36 months

Boost your little one’s motor skills, imaginative play and language development with over 70+ songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases. Your little one will be having so much fun learning about colours, numbers and singing along to the cutest songs.

Press the light-up button or pull your little aeroplane along on your crawling or walking adventures and watch the beads pop up and down. With endless fun and learning, time will fly by fast with this interactive toy.


  • Light up character button- press to hear playful phrases and see the light flash
  • Three colourful buttons introduce numbers, objects, weather and ask simple questions
  • Popping beads – press the light up character button or pull the aeroplane to see the beads pop
  • Rotating propeller – turn to hear fun clicking sounds
  • Cord storage – store the pull cord when not in use
  • over 70+ songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases

Nattou Adele The Elephant Rocker

Made from luxury plush, Nattou’s range of Adele the Elephant comes with plush toys, doudou cloths, rear view mirrors, and rockers.

The rocker is made from ash wood and is a beautiful addition to any girls nursery.

The rocker also comes in Lea the Snow Leopard for boys.

They retail between R1500 and R1900 from selected Kids Emporiums, Kids Emporium online,,, Hamleys and many others.

LALABOOM Snap beads 6 – 36+months

Our favorite educational toy of the year!

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.  Lalaboom has achieved this famous quote by bringing numerous basic but essential play values into one simple, yet effective toy – involving manipulation, textures, eye-hand coordination and intellectual challenges.

Lalaboom addresses basic needs in more than one stage of age development. 6 months-old babies will start to use the primary functions of the toy and will progressively and instinctively discover new possibilities as they grow. This makes Lalaboom a long-lasting classic toy that develops a child’s abilities from 6 months to 3 years old and up.

Some of the primary functions of this unique new toy include Snap, twist, mix ‘n match, construction and lacing.

SNAP FUNCTION: 6 months and up. This is the primary function of the item, allowing manipulation and sensory exploration of various bead textures, colour recognition, gross motor skills, and hand/eye coordination.

TWIST FUNCTION: 12 months and up. Has a screwing system that allows each bead to open and close easily.  Boosts motor skills and general coordination.

LACING FUNCTION: 12 months and up. Thanks to an inner hole, kids can string several beads.  Lalaboom is the first toy that offers a lacing function below 18 months and the best part is there are no small parts.

COMBINATION MIX ‘N MATCH: 24 months and up. All beads are interconnected allowing unlimited combinations.  Children can stack and play with half beads as well.

CONSTRUCTION: 18 months and up. Children can use half or whole bead to stack and divide any part of the construction.

The ultimate developmental toy, Lalaboom beads are available in packs of 24, 48 or 64 and are available at retail and online vendors.


*Disclaimer* We received PRIMA toys in exchange for this post

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