the farm
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Homeschooling -Farm Theme for Preschoolers

the farm

Welcome to the first instalment of fun learning activities for kids! This week we are learning about the farm.

Learning about the farm is a great topic for preschoolers and younger children. A great learning opportunity to teach phonics, colours and basic counting.

I have designed this fun free downloadable booklet with the help of my 3-year-old son. He loves animals and had so much fun choosing the images and telling me which sounds they make. This is the first series of learning fun activities that you can find here every week as we focus on different learning concepts and activities to boost your little ones cognitive, gross and fine motor skills.

The Farm learning pack consists of the following:

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  • A book with animals and the sounds they make (print out and paste onto cardboard)
  • A fun memory game or sorting game ( cut out the farm animals and get your little to find the matching pieces or for older children turn the pieces over and get them to work their logic skills by playing a memory game.)
  • Teach basic mathematics with the counting worksheet as you and your little one count Farmer Brown’s animals.
  • Develop fine motor skills by printing out the colouring sheets (use a punch to create holes on the outline of the sheep use an old shoelace or piece of wool and have your child weave through the holes.

Be creative and add cotton wool to stimulate sensory skills and sticks for the sheep legs. Use cotton buds and dip into the paint to paint the other animals.

You can print out the learning packs below and follow the activities on the activity page.

farm animals book

colouring sheets

Sheep printable


Let’s see your little one’s artwork use the hashtags #mumandbabylearning #thefarm on social media!

I hope you enjoyed this learning pack. I look forward to sharing next week’s lesson with you!

**Disclaimer** All images and learning material is copyright and may not be distributed for sale

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