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{diy} Mother’s Day Gift ideas -Lavender Pot + Free cards!

Welcome to the first installment of Mother’s Day diy gifts from busy tots!

These gifts are great for Granny too! With a little adult supervision these gifts are easy to make and low in cost. Even Daddy / an older sibling can assist.

Today’s diy project is a Lavender pot. Lavender is well known for its calming properties and who doesn’t want a home filled with tranquility especially with a busy tot!


Here’s what you are going to need:

All these items can be purchased at your local garden center

  1. Lavender (best to purchase French Lavender for indoors from your nursery)
  2. A small clay pot plant with holes underneath for good water drainage
  3. A drip tray to collect excess water
  4. Potting soil mix
  5. A spade
  6. Water can
  7. Pebbles / gravel
  8. A ribbon for decoration optional

Step 1: Add a few pebbles / gravel to the pot, next fill up with potting soil.

Step 2: Dig a hole deep enough for the plants roots

Step 3: Remove the plant from it’s nursery pot and shake off excess soil. ( Keep some stems for our next diy activity!) plant it in the pot making sure the roots of deeply planted and well covered.

Step 4: Add the drip tray and gently water.


Make sure that your Lavender is placed in a warm spot, a windowsill is recommended but not if it’s cold and drafty. Allow water to dry up over a few days before watering again.

Add a ribbon and one of these free printable cards below!

Mother's Day! (2)

Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day For a special Granny!


Happy Mother’s Day For a special Granny!

Enjoy! xx


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