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My Pregnancy week-by-week – Week 19 Bronwen

Welcome to another instalment of My second pregnancy series!

This week Bronwen shares her 19th week of pregnancy with us!

Week: 19

Symptoms: Feeling lots of movement, heartburn (new symptom completely. Never had it with Cody) & stabbing pains when if I get up too fast (totally normal apparently).

Mood: Not too bad 

Energy levels: Have good days & slow days

Cravings: Citrus fruit & spicy food (convinced my son is trying to kill me. Death by heartburn).

Food/smell Aversions: None really. Bacon still isn’t my best but I no longer gag at the smell.

Missing: SLEEP! Between the potty breaks & heartburn, sleep is rare.

Looking forward to Having clothes that fit & being able to put on socks & lace up shoes without wanting to pass out from the effort.

Stretch marks: A few on my gigantic noombies (boobs for those of you who don’t speak Bronwen)

Belly button: Popped? Nope

Baby size: 13.6cm (Had a recent scan to check up & get the go-ahead to run the Two Oceans half marathon).

Baby growth: He is doing great. All growth is to the norm & developing well

Gender prediction: Boy


19 weeks Pregnant:

Baby growth: At 19 weeks the baby is covered in vernix a greasy white protective substance that protects baby’s sensitive skin from the amniotic fluid.

Baby size: At 19 weeks the size of a mango 15cm 227g

Thank you, Bronwen for sharing your beautiful journey with us! We can’t wait to see next week’s update!

girl-18918_1920“My Pregnancy series” I will be interviewing different mums-to-be as we follow their personal journey through pregnancy and motherhood. This series is aimed at educating, encouraging, uplifting and empowering pregnant women. I loved reading real-life stories while I was pregnant with my first child in 2014. I found it so empowering and informing. It made my crazy symptoms feel normal and I could relate to other women experiencing similar symptoms. The series will focus on first time and second-time moms; how they found out they were expecting, different trimesters and symptoms with beautiful growing belly pictures. Lots of interviews, informative articles and advice from experts in the field.

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