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{SERIES} “My Pregnancy Diary” Week 27 – Ananja

 Week 26Week:  27

Symptoms: Still experiencing rib pain during the day, but it’s much better at night

Mood: a little bit moody this week

Energy levels:  Energy levels are good. Drank two cups of coffee this week

Cravings: Anything cold (ice lollies, cold fresh carrots, chewing a bit on ice)

Food / smell Aversions:  None

Missing: Able to bend down (Tummy is in the way!)

Looking forward to: Getting my belly back after birth

Stretch marks: None- I’m putting on Bio Oil twice daily

Belly button: Popped?  Belly button hasn’t popped, but it’s stretched out

Baby size: Normal

Baby growth:  Normal- baby is very active at night

Gender prediction: It’s a boy

27 weeks Pregnant:

Baby growth: At 27 weeks baby is getting fatter. This week his eyes will begin to open.

Baby size: At 27 weeks baby is the size of a cauliflower 38cm head to toe & 1kg

Thank you Ananja for sharing your beautiful journey with us! We can’t wait to see next week’s update!

“My Pregnancy series”
I will be interviewing different mums-to-be as we follow their personal journey though pregnancy and motherhood. This series is aimed at educating, encouraging, uplifting and empowering pregnant women. I loved reading real life stories while I was pregnant with my first child in 2014. I found it so empowering and informing. It made my crazy symptoms feel normal and I could relate to other women experiencing similar symptoms. The series will focus on first time and second time moms;how they found out they were expecting,different trimesters and symptoms with beautiful growing belly pictures. Lots of interviews,informative articles and advice from experts in the field.


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