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Meet Sleep expert & Lactation consultant- Erica Neser

I am thrilled to introduce you to one of our guest experts Erica Neser! Erica will be assisting you and your little one through the journey of breastfeeding and sleep with weekly articles.

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For the past 20 years I have been working with parents and babies, as a lactation consultant, infant massage instructor and counselor. I have three children, and as a hobby I take newborn babies into temporary foster care now and then, ensuring that I never forget how sleep deprivation feels.
My aim is to:
– help you keep a healthy sense of perspective about breastfeeding, sleep and babies in general
– give you sound information (as opposed to just opinions and unrealistic advice)
– and remind you that a bit of off-the-wall humour can help you get through this minefield in one piece.
My blog is a No-Sleep-Training Zone, where the approach is gentle to parents and babies, where children are not ignored or trained to sleep in ways that are biologically inappropriate, and where we focus on understanding how babies and toddlers really sleep, working with them respectfully and with love. My approach is supportive of co-sleeping/bed-sharing, breastfeeding, baby-wearing and attachment parenting.
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