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{SERIES} How we found out we were expecting!! – Ananja

Welcome to another installment of “how we found out we were expecting!”

Today we are chatting to Ananja. This is her second pregnancy. We will also be following her exciting new journey.

My name is Ananja Beaurain. I have been married to my amazing Husband for almost six years now. We have an incredibly beautiful and intelligent daughter of three
and a stunningly handsome adopted son of one and a half years old.

I studied nursing in Bloemfontein and worked as a wellness nurse for
the past four years at various corporate companies. In September of last
year (2015) I noticed that something was very wrong with my body as
I started experiencing abdominal pain and discomfort. I was currently
using an IUD at the time which I then took out as soon as I could. I didn’t
expect my being pregnant at all, but I wanted to do a test just to rule it
out. My first test was inconclusive as I was only two weeks pregnant at
the time. The second test, which I did a week later, showed a positive
result. I was absolutely shocked as we didn’t plan on getting pregnant in
the next three years. This was definitely not in our plan!! A week later
I went to Pathcare for a blood test to check how far I was and it confirmed
that I was at that stage four weeks pregnant.

It was in my fifth week that I started getting extremely nauseous. Everything that smelt strong or bad or good or had a smell at all would send me to the toilet vomiting. In the next seven weeks to come I would be in bed for 7 hours a day, getting up frequently to vomit and sleeping as much as my body would allow when I wasn’t feeling nauseous. I went for my first scan at seven weeks- expecting to find cancer or a serious illness (still in disbelief about my pregnancy and feeling extremely sick). But we found a little heartbeat instead, and it made things a little more worthwhile. The doctor gave me some medication for nausea which didn’t help. I couldn’t keep my head up and in the two weeks to follow I dehydrated twice, with my husband having to take time of work to help me get better at home (of course after speaking to two doctors who both wanted to admit me to hospital I just refused), I was so scared of losing this baby due to any medication given to me in hospital via IV.

In week 14 I was up and starting to function normally again. Still vomiting every now and then, but at least I could stand some odors and I could eat food again. That was when my husband and I decided that this would be the last pregnancy and if we wanted more children down the line it would have to be through adoption.

In the beginning of January I decided to stop working and take my kids out of the crèche. I was going to spend as much time with them at home as I possibly could before the baby came. It’s been the toughest and hardest job to be a stay at home mom, but it’s extremely rewarding and I’ve bonded with my kids in ways that I never have before.

Thank you for sharing your exciting news with us Ananja! We can’t wait to follow your beautiful journey!

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