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{NEW SERIES} “How we found out we were expecting!!!”

Welcome to another installment of How we found out we were expecting!

Today we are chatting to Bronwen. This is her second pregnancy. We will also be following her exciting new journey!


Were there any physical early symptoms?

I was looking a bit bloated.

Why did you decide to take a pregnancy test?

I wasn’t feeling myself. Period had been erratic for over a year so had no idea if i was late or not 

Were you trying to conceive? If yes, how long were you trying for?

No ways! I already have a son who is almost 4. Another child was not on the cards. I was on the pill (actually i was taking the pill with both pregnancies)

Did you have any fertility problems or interventions?


If this wasn’t a first pregnancy were there any similar early pregnancy symptoms or were you more aware this time of any subtle changes?

Only thing is my hate for bacon. Couldn’t stand it with my 1st pregnancy & same now

How early did you find out?

After two pregnancy sticks I had a blood test ,which confirmed the positive & fell into the 1-2week bracket so VERY early

What were your emotions? Excited? Shocked?

Shocked without a doubt

Who did you tell first?

I called my partner

How did you share the news with family and friends?

 I sent close family a message & then announced a few weeks later on facebook

When did you have your first ultrasound?

I waited until I was further along & was 10weeks at the 1st scan

Thank you for sharing your exciting news with us Bronwen! We can’t wait to follow your beautiful journey!

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