This edition of What’s Cooking Mum? We are making homemade frozen yogurt. 

This is such a quick recipe to make and did I mention that it’s guilt free and Oh so delicious!

Get the little ones involved and making cooking fun!

A great way to boost those mathematics skills by teaching measurement.

Place the ingredients into separate cups and get your little ones to measure them for you.


3 cups of Greek yogurt

2 tsp vanilla extract or add 4 cups of frozen strawberries or fruit of choice (make sure that fruit is frozen solid beforehand)

3 Tbsp honey or Agave nectar

1 Tbsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice


Add all the ingredients to a blender, mix until thick and creamy in texture. If you are adding fruit make sure that you have a smooth consistency.

Place into a tub and freeze for 2 hours or until solid


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