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{REVIEW} Naturals Beauty range for mums & tots

When I first heard about Naturals Beauty I was very excited to try out there amazing range of natural products for moms and babies. Having a son with very sensitive skin I’ve tried many products but wasn’t completely satisfied. I found that many products contained natural ingredients but added perfume or chemicals.


The Naturals Beauty Ruben & Rebekah Baby range was created by a mommy. Her little boy Reuben had very sensitive skin to toxins and toxin build up. Her daughter Rebekah’s skin was sensitive to synthetic fragrances and other nasties!

I was lucky enough to review the the Baby Body lotion and Baby bum balm.


The Baby Body lotion is a completely natural formula consisting of avocado oil, shea butter, jojoba oil and aloe. It’s very light to apply leaving your delicate little one’s skin feeling very soft with a very subtle scent of organic chamomile.




The Baby bum cream has been specially formulated for delicate skin. It contains extracts from rooibos, aloe,chamomile and calendula. Very gentle and light application that prevents diaper rash and dryness. This gentle cream is paraben and petroleum free.



Tanya products_0147bThe Essential Collection is a range of botanical skin care products suited for 25-60 year old. Each product is full of extracts and actives known for their anti-ageing and skin well being properties. This amazing range is free from parabens, petrochemicals and synthetic ingredients. I was very excited to try out the The Essential Collection Gel Face wash, Day and night cream. I’ve always suffered from very sensitive/ combination skin which is prone to frequent breakouts and inflammation. Tanya products_0120b-400x400

The Essential Collection Gel Face Wash is a gentle gel wash for normal/combination skin. Great for removing impurities and make up without drying out the skin. With added natural moisturising oils and antibacterial botanical extracts. I found this gel so gentle on my skin, it left my skin feeling soft, clear from all sebum, impurities and make up without any redness or irritation. After using this gel for 2 weeks I could notice a great improvement with clearer skin and less inflammation.

new day-400x400

The Essential Day cream is a luxurious, moisturising anti-wrinkle cream which nourishes, hydrates with cell stimulating properties. Baobab extract and Oils (containing Omega 3,6,9) has amazing firming,energising and anti-wrinkle actions. Other natural ingredients Soybean oil (with Lecithin), Avocado oil (containing Vitamins A,E,B), Cucumber extract and Sutherlandia extract keeps skin healthy and perfect for all skin types. Very light and delicate on the skin leaving skin moisturised all day. After two weeks of application I noticed smoother more radiant, skin with less inflammation.

Tanya products_0173b-175x175

The Essential Night cream is a luxurious nourishing cream which promotes firming, even skin tone and anti-wrinkle actions from Baobab Extract. Soybean oil, Evening Primrose oil and Avocado oil moisturise and provide vitamins A,E,B and Omega 3 and 6 to the skin improving smoothness and elasticity. Rooibos extract provides anti-oxidant properties and Vitamin E to keep skin healthy and youthful in appearance. A very light application leaving skin very hydrated, moisturised and firmer. I saw an immediate change in my skin’s elasticity.

You can find out more information about these amazing products here!



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