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{REVIEW} CHICCO Penguin Activity Walker is the perfect Christmas gift for your tot!

Seeing your little one take their first steps is one of the biggest milestones and the first huge leap towards their independence!

The Chicco Activity Walker is a great way to encourage your little one to stand up and take their first steps. We received this amazing product from Chicco and couldn’t wait to see how quick our little one would grow enough confidence to walk unassisted.


The Verdict:

Our little boy stood up and started walking immediately while holding onto the walker, 10 minutes later and he was walking unassisted while mum and dad proudly praised him on! A few days later and he was running around and has not stopped! He still enjoys playing with the fun activity center and pushing the walker around with the awesome sound effects! Thank you Chicco for helping our little boy gain enough confidence to walk unassisted!

While holding onto the handle the activity walker will play music when your tot starts walking encouraging then to keep on going because the music stops playing when they stop.


This awesome walker doubles up as an activity center stimulating your little one’s imagination and coordination with blocks, shapes, flash lights and sound effects.


The Chicco Activity Walker is recommended from the age of 9 months old.


You can find out more information here.


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