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{Review} Nuby Squeeze Feeder



It’s so difficult to feed a toddler. They are always on the go! The Nuby Squeeze Feeder makes it easier to feed your little tot without all the mess. It’s also great if you’re out and about!

Preparation: Unscrew the spoon component and fill the feeder with 90 ml of your baby or tot’s food. Click back into place and add the correct spoon according to the thickness of the food.

Design: made from soft silicone and BPA free. The feeder comes with two interchangeable spoons with different size holes for cereal and thicker purees and a protective cover to prevent leakage.

User friendly: The Nuby Squeeze Feeder is quick and easy to use! Remove the hygienic spoon cover and give a gentle squeeze, the baby food will pass through a hole in the spoon’s neck and into the bowl of the spoon.

My favorite feature: The feeder also comes with two small feet that allow you to rest the feeder onto flat surfaces during feeds without spillage.



The Nuby Squeeze Feeder can be used from 6 months old.



You can find out more information about Nuby here!

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