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{REVIEW} Making bath time fun with Oh So Heavenly

Making bath time fun can be challenging with a toddler!

I received this awesome product from Oh So Heavenly!

2015-07-05 14.47.07


Who knew that changing the bath water could lead to so much bubbly fun!

2015-07-12 22.02.59

The Oh So Heavenly Magic of the Sea color changing bubble bath is orange and turns blue once poured into the bath.




You can find out more information about the Oh So Heavenly range here.

As part of the Making bath time fun series for mom and tot I will be posting reviews and helpful tips each week.


If you have any tips please comment below!

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  • BethvdB

    My kids (3.5 and 1.5 yrs old) LOVE this “magic bath”! They love putting some in their hands and then swishing it in the water to turn blue. It smells amazing and makes for a lovely bath. They got it this June in Namibia while visiting Ouma & Tannie Julia. I don’t know what we are going to do when it runs out — I have not found a source in the USA.

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