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{REVIEW} Elastoplast Spray-on Plaster

I recently recently the new Elastoplast Spray-on Plaster.


Murphy’s Law I ended up cutting my finger and needed to use it immediately.

User friendly: I found the Elastoplast Spray-on Plaster very easy to apply. I first cleaned the cut from any dirt or debris and then lightly sprayed the wound. It can also be sprayed upside down for those hard to reach tricky places where an ordinary plaster would’t do the trick. One bottle contains 70 applications!

Protection: The Elastoplast spray-on plaster contains an antibacterial agent so there is no need to disinfect the site before applying.

Healing: Because the spray-on plaster is transparent, waterproof and breathable the healing time is faster.

Flexibility: The flexible transparent shield seals out dirt allowing for normal range of movement especially when cut or grazes are found inside a joint.

Removable: Over time the plaster will gradually disappear on its own which saves you from having to rip it off and disrupt the healing process.

I found the Elastoplast Spray-on Plaster very quick and easy to use which is very important for a busy mommy.

I recommend packing the Elastoplast Spray-on Plaster in your handbag, baby bag, gym bag or keep it on you when cycling, running, hiking or going to the gym. Every family medical kit should have one of these!

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