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Get toned for Summer with this Free Resistance Band Workout

Resistance bands are great to use anywhere at home, gym or when travelling. Great to develop core strength and strengthen different muscle groups.

A great form of resistance for people on the go.

Resistance bands have different resistance levels from beginner – advanced.

Here is an one of my awesome resistance band workouts!


Get ready for Summer with this workout!


Target: Arms

Stand with right foot in middle of band, holding one end of band in each hand (wrap ends of band around hands and place palms over).

Keep your elbows at your sides, turn palms forward and curl both hands up to your shoulders.

Next, curl one hand up at a time, alternating sides.

Repeat 3 sets of 12-15

Target: tummy and outer thighs

Tie the band into a loop and wrap it around your thighs, just above knees. Lie on your back with hands behind head, elbows out, legs lifted, and knees bent 90 degrees.

Crunch up, then circle your upper body in a counter clockwise direction, while pressing your thighs outward against band.

Do 12-15 circles, without lowering. Return to starting position. Switch directions and repeat.

Target: back, arms and legs

Stand with your feet together, holding one end of looped band in each hand. Extend your arms in front of you at shoulder level, palms facing each other.

Lunge backwards with your right leg, bending both knees 90 degrees, and, keeping left arm extended, drive right elbow straight behind you so that band is pulled tight and upper body rotates to the right.

Return to starting position. Switch sides and repeat to complete 1 rep.

Do 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

Targets: Back, arms, abs, love handles, and hips

Stand with your feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart, holding one end of band in each hand, arms by sides. Lift your arms overhead, while pulling band tight, and point your right toes out to side.

Keep your left arm still, engage your side tummy muscles, pull right elbow down to side, and lift right knee to meet it.

Extend your right arm and leg without touching toes to floor. Do 3 sets of 12-15 reps. Switch sides and repeat.

*** Disclaimer ***

Always consult a health practitioner before starting any new exercise plan

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