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5 Ways to boost milk production

A few months ago I was ill and not getting enough sleep to recover. My body took a lot of strain and I ended up having a very low milk supply.

Here are 5 natural ways to boost milk production


  1. Oats

Who would have thought that a bowl of oats could increase your supply. Oats high in iron, calcium and fiber,have amazing health benefits lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol and boosting lactation. You can find some tasty oatmeal recipes for the whole family to enjoy here.


2. Water

Drinking 10-12 glasses of water daily is essential for milk production.


3. Blackthorn Berry Elixir

This is an amazing tonic for new moms to increase your energy levels, vitality, beats fatigue and increases lactation. During the first few weeks after giving birth was getting less than 2 hours sleep daily. I couldn’t function and my body felt terribly ill. This amazing tonic gave me an instant boost and I really can’t get through my busy day without it! To increase your milk supply you drink Jungle Juice which contains Berry Elixir, I drank this delicious berry mix daily and instantly could see a huge increase in my milk supply.

Jungle Juice

60ml Blackthorn Berry Elixir – can be purchased at your local pharmacy

1 sachet of Blackcurrant Rehydrate

1 litre Apple juice

2 litres of water

10 drops of Rescue remedy – not essential but great to calm mom which increases milk production



4. Fenugreek

Fenugreek can be bought in capsule form from most local pharmacies and is great to increase lactation. I took Fenugreek capsules for 2 weeks and definitely noticed an increase in my milk production.



Your body needs sleep to produce enough hormones to produce milk. Try to take short naps during the day while baby is sleeping. The housework can wait!

Always consult your heath care practitioner before taking any supplementation

I hope this helps many other mommies!

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  • Jozi Wahm

    I definitely found that the oats and the fenugreek work.

    I used to use the fenugreek capsules from the pharmacy (which are quite pricey) and then I found the seeds at our local spice shop for under R5!

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