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{REVIEW} Nuby Nibbler makes the transition to solid feeding fun for baby and mum

The Nuby Nibbler is a great way to start weaning when introducing whole solids to baby.

This product is suitable for babies aged 10 months and older.

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Design: specially designed so that baby can enjoy an array of foods from vegetables, fruit pieces, ice chips and other solids without the risk of choking. With a special travel cover it’s great for snacking on the go.

Safety: with a ‘squeeze and twist’ locking system it prevents baby from opening it up

With 3 easy steps it makes the transition to solid feeding easy and fun.

Step 1: Place chopped fruit / ice / vegetable in the net so much better than having to mash, plus great for teething!

Step 2: Using the ‘squeeze and twist’ locking system secure the nibbles

Step 3: Allow baby to feed himself , my little boy had so much fun!




For all information about Nuby’s awesome product range you can find them on Facebook or on there website here.

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