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{REVIEW} The Nuby Garden Fresh Steam n’ Mash

The Nuby Garden Fresh range consists of 3 steps to make preparing, storing and feeding easy.

The Nuby Garden Fresh Steam n’ Mash is part of the preparation stage.

2015-07-16 13.16.28

Preparation time: 15 minutes including peeling or chopping fresh fruit or vegetables.

Step 1: Wash fresh fruit or vegetables chop/ slice and add to the steamer. I used sliced sweet potato and chopped pears.

2015-07-11 22.05.03 2015-07-11 22.03.02

Step 2: Add 1 – 2 Tablespoons of water

Step 3: Cover with lid

2015-07-11 22.03.48

Cooking time: Microwave for 3 – 4 minutes or until tender ( it steamed freshly sliced sweet potato in 4 minutes)

User friendly: The Nuby Steam n’ Mash is BPA free. Cleverly designed with a spout to pour out excess water before mashing, an easy to grip handle and masher that fits into the comfort of your hand, with a non-skid base to keep the bowl in place while mashing.

Step 4: Test that fruit / veg is cooked with a fork (I did test with both attempts and the fruit and veg was cooked right through without drying it out. The fruit and vegetables retained it’s smell , taste, color and healthy micro-nutrients compared to boiling.

Step 5: Start mashing

2015-07-11 22.05.31

2015-07-11 22.06.19

Now you have freshly mashed baby food!

Cleaning: This product is so easy to clean. Rinse any excess veg / fruit and wash with warm soapy water. If you don’t have the time it’s dish washer safe too.

Now wasn’t that easy!

Storage: You can store the freshly prepared food in the bowl with it’s special stay fresh lid keeping food fresher for longer. I used these storage freezer pots that are also part of the Nuby Garden Fresh range.

I will be reviewing these next!


You can find out more information about Nuby‘s amazing products here.

For the latest product updates like the Nuby Facebook page here.



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