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Are you weighing yourself correctly?

Have you ever wondered why your weight fluctuates when you use a scale? You could be using it incorrectly!


Follow these steps to get an accurate weight!

Step 1: Always weigh yourself in the morning at the same time. Weighing yourself at different times can cause your weight to fluctuate as your body gains water and calories during the day. Your body will burn the calories that you have consumed and you will shed some of your daily water weight during the day.

Step 2: Try to weight yourself wearing only a bath robe or in your under garments. Jewelry, heavy fabrics and shoes can add onto your scale reading.

Step 3: Make sure that your scale is placed on a flat surface and always use the same scale. Not all scales are calibrated the same way.

Step 4: If you are trying to lose weight it’s best to go for fitness assessments every 4-8 weeks during your weight loss journey for accurate readings. Get your body fat measured with a caliper .(those electronic scales and devices that claim to give you a body fat reading are always incorrect!) Get your measurements taken correctly by a professional. Having your resting heart rate checked , your blood pressure levels and your hip to waist ratio are essential to your health. Contact your nearest fitness facility and book a fitness assessment with a  Biokineticist or a Personal Fitness Trainer.

Should you be interested in a fitness assessment contact me



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