Diary of a fit mommy

Mommy weight loss update! 6 months later….

It’s been six months since I gave birth to our beautiful son.

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Here is a picture before I fell pregnant at a size 4!!! I can’t believe I was ever this small. I must say that I was extremely lean not skinny. ..(big difference in amount of body fat and health status)



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Fitness level: Exercising 3 – 4 times a day for 1- 2.5 hours. Most of my workouts were done when training my clients I would run with them to keep them motivated. I also loved my own morning runs and my weight training workout in the late afternoons.

Energy level: Incredibly low! I was working two jobs, training with clients and on the border line of a total burn out. I was living on energy gels and energy drinks.

Sleep: I was getting a healthy 7-8 hours

Weight: 60 kg

Body fat: 12%

Clothing size: 4 / 28


During my pregnancy I had to give up all forms of exercise including walking for long periods and taking any stairs. My heart rate kept elevating and my pelvis shifted causing extreme pain when walking. I was even advised by my gynae that he would have to put me on crutches in order to walk. My health took a drastic turn, the pregnancy affected the functioning of my kidneys and many recurrent kidney infections that caused numerous hospital stays. I was permanently on bed rest for 6 months of my pregnancy and went into preterm labor at 8 months.

Here is a picture that was taken two weeks before our little angel arrived. I guess he was tired of waiting. (He gets that from me lol )  I think it had something to do with the fairy dust.






My fitness level: Huffing and puffing when walking  or should I say waddling like happy feet for 5-10 minutes felt like I was running a marathon

Energy level: I was running  below my energy reserve tank

Sleep: With running to the loo every 15-20 minutes and being kicked in the ribs all night… Maybe a total of 1-3 hours

Weight: 85 kg ( Yes, I gained 25 kgs!!!! Thanks to bed rest and health complications)

Body fat: I was carrying a baby so I wasn’t concerned, I ate healthy which mean’t that he was growing healthy too. I was gaining weight at a normal, healthy rate for pregnancy.

 Clothing size:  38/14

6 months later:

This isn’t a very good picture to see any change in weight loss..I will be posting another this week once I get a chance to. Super busy mommy!


Fitness level: Due to health complications during my pregnancy, an emergency unplanned c-section, my leg being cauterized during the operation which lead to numerous plastic surgeon visits. I have only been fit to exercise 2 months ago!

Energy level: Coffee….coffee! With a very active little boy and very little sleep my energy levels are currently 3-5/10 I find these energizing snacks a lifesaver!

Sleep: 5-6 hours with the little one teething it’s been difficult to get a solid nights sleep

Current weight loss: 13 kg….7 more kgs to go!!! (this is due to exclusively breastfeeding for 6 months and staying relatively active for the past 2 months )

What I’ve gained: Hips!! I didn’t have much shape before…loving these! Boobs,  I was very small from all the exercise. I’m loving my new curves, working at getting more toned and fit!

Body fat: Still don’t know will be checking soon…Eek!

Clothing size: 34 /10










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