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5 Reasons Why I’m Not Rushing to Lose the Preggie Weight & You Shouldn’t too!

  1. Did you know that losing too much weight through dieting or high intensity exercise can affect your milk supply or even stop it completely!
  2. Dropping too many calories out of your diet or through heavy exercise can also be detrimental to your mental and emotional health, when your hormonal levels are still all over the place. No one wants a more grumpy, tired, emotional mommy in the household. Especially when it’s affecting your bonding time with your little one.  Happy mommy equals a happy home!
  3. Sleepless nights plus add in over exhaustion and following a low calorie diet can weaken your immune system.
  4. Losing weight too fast can also cause extra stretchmarks and sagging skin. Think about how much that tummy stretched along with those buns and thighs. Your skin needs to replenish it’s collagen production in order to regain it’s elasticity and firmness.
  5. For those mommies who had c-sections, it takes up 6 months for your body to heal after such a huge operation. Some mommies will also need some time to heal after any vaginal tearing during child birth.  It’s very important that you check with your gynae before starting any form of exercise after having a baby. Remember everyone heals differently.

The key is to be kind to your body and remember it took nine months to put on the weight so you should give yourself the same amount of time to lose it!

 Here’s more reasons why I’m taking my time!

I’m not missing these precious moments and milestones, plus I get more time to bond with our little angel while doing exercise together!

Special Moments


Yes, that is the exercise bike in the background. lol I find dancing with baby and taking long stroller walks more fun for both of us!
Great way to work those arms and get kisses!
We love story time!
When he cut his first two teeth yesterday!
I love these bonding sessions!



More time for baby to exercise too! #tummytime




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