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How to choose the right soother with NUK! *NEW* NUK Freestyle Soother Product Review


There are three important factors to consider when choosing the correct soother:

  1. The Shape of the teat (Does it  follow the natural orthodontic shape of the nipple?)
  2. The amount of Exercise from sucking ( Does the size of the teat hole allow for constant flow?)
  3. The amount of Effort used for suction (Looking once again at the teat hole size and the amount of flow)

Did you know that breastfeeding is extremely hard work for your little one?

Imagine running a marathon. Who knew how much exercise your baby was getting during every feed. The amount of effort used when breastfeeding is extremely important for baby’s muscle and jaw development. When using an incorrect soother the amount of effort used is not the same. Baby will learn to adapt to the amount of effort used. This can affect baby’s ability to latch properly to the breast during feeds. Causing pain for mom and lack of nutrition for baby. Another problem due to the lack of effort or incorrect shape of the soother being used is an abnormal change in babies jaw and muscle development causing problems when baby’s first teeth make an appearance.

I personally love the NUK range knowing that it’s  recommended by 82% of South African Orthodontists before any other brand and designed by one,puts my mind at ease knowing that I’m giving my little one the best!

Here is my little one trying out his new NUK Freestyle Soother and having a whale of a time!

2015-02-10 09.55.44


I love the NUK Freestyle range because it’s skin-friendly and extra sensitive, with lots of ventilation areas. My little one has very sensitive skin and this soother is so gentle.

For more information about NUK‘s product range: http://www.nuk.co.za



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