Carla Smith – The Herbex Fitness Expert

Please welcome Carla Smith to the Herbex family.

Carla Smith | Personal Trainer and Fitness Athlete

In her own words:

“……I am a Western Province Natural Body Building Ladies Fitness Bikini Model Champion. I am also a qualified Personal Fitness Trainer who has promoted health and fitness for the past 5 years. I have personally used Herbex and recommend it to my clients. I love the fact that the Herbex brand consists of natural ingredients and promotes healthy weight-loss.

It is a very sad reality that the Fitness and Health industry is not a very “natural or healthy” industry at all. I have discovered this first hand while competing in numerous fitness competitions. Many clients that I meet for the first time have been offered other illegal alternatives to weight loss by other health professionals.

This terrible new trend that “if it will help me lose weight then I don’t care what I’m taking” type of attitude needs to stop.

My job as a health and fitness professional is to stop this and to build up women, increase their self esteems and assist them in learning to love and appreciate the bodies they were born with. At the same time setting realistic weight loss goals with them and motivating and encouraging them.”

Carla has lots of experience in exercise, training, competing, working and motivating clients. We are excited about what she has to offer and confident she will help many.

You will meet and get to know Carla, “the Trainer” on Facebook and see more support from us on training on our website in the coming months.

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